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Jim ReindelJune 21st, 2000.

     Welcome to the JRS Artist Interview Series. Today I'm interviewing the progressive rock band Reindel. Reindel features Jim Reindel on guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards and programming, and his brother Tim Reindel on drums. The music has a strong Rush-vibe, but incorporates many other musical elements, making a unique, compelling sound. Textural guitar blends with techno synths. Complex drum patterns weave in and out, creating excitement and energy. Melody and shred meet and interweave. Jim and Tim's science-fiction fascination surfaces throughout their work (both in lyrics and various sound effects), lending an epic quality to their songs.

     Guitar fans will dig Jim's chops, which combine elements of Alex Lifeson, Michael Schenker, and Joe Satriani. Jim plays with passion and precision. Drummers will find plenty to enjoy from Tim, who plays with authority and finesse. Together they make amazing music.

     Be sure to visit their MP3.COM webpage to hear more. The Reindel brothers are without a doubt taking progressive music into the 21st Century.

JRS: How did you get into progressive music?

     Reindel: As a kid I was always into writing horror stories. I was a nut about it! Tim and I both were into sci-fi and strange things. Then, when Rush came out with Fly By Night, it seemed to validate making epic adventure tunes from stories (Bytor and the Snowdog) We really got into them, and from there they just kept doing what we were so into for a number of albums. 2112 was a tremendous influence in this way. After that we were hooked on prog....and phonics!

JRS: Who inspires you? Who has had the largest long-term impact on your art?

     Reindel: By far it's Rush. Especially their first 8-9 studio albums. They progressed with each album. We used to really look forward to new stuff from them. Not since then have I anticipated new work from other artists with such enthusiasm. But there were also many guitar inspirations as well. My very first guitar inspiration came from Ritchie Blackmore/Deep Purple. He was great. Then there was Michael Schenker. I'd never even heard of UFO before, but I saw Michael's picture on the back of the Force It" LP (when I was 15) and I thought "hey this guy looks cool" and I bought it. When I heard his lead playing I was blown away. He's not the fastest player by today's standards, but he still has qualities I haven't heard in other guitarists even today. In my opinion, he has the absolute BEST vibrato in the rock guitar biz. Such control and emotion! He can hold a note...then slowly start a vibrato...wide and slowly that just sings to me. Others have emulated this..but it's usually the wide vibrato. Not nearly as controlled and "vocal" as Schenker's. His half opened "wah" sound started a huge trend in rock guitar as well.

     But it would be wrong if I didn't give kudos to those who've inspired me greatly since our arrival on mp3.com in January. Jeffrey Ryan Smoots just kicked my ass and woke me up!!! Up till then (in the 90's) I thought nobody gave a hoot about guitar playing. I abandoned music for a few years. He was the first one that rekindled the flame in me. His playing just floored me! He's also a very nice guy....down to earth and honest. I've come to appreciate that in people these days. Vince Vrbancic was another one who blew me off my chair. I thought I had the "Lifeson" sound together till I heard Vince! I went nuts over him...and I still am. Goocher is another guitar monster. He's got some of the best grooves in the biz, and does a mean Eric Johnson. Vince and I call him "Gooch Johnson." (no relation to any porn stars...as far as I know!) Check him out if you haven't already.

      The list of names from there goes on and on...Neil Zaza, Marc Pattison, James Hart, Terry Nelms, Dave Green...so many more. There really is no need to buy commercial CD's anymore. There is a ton of talent on mp3.com. In fact, does it piss anybody off like it does me that the music industry has deprived us of hearing these talented musicians all these years?!?

JRS: What inspires you? (music, visual arts, life, beer, etc.)

     Reindel: Movies, music...deviating from the "norm" from time to time..(nudge, nudge..know what I mean?) Tim and I like to get stupid when the well of ideas dries up, and it usually results in something we wouldn't have come up with if we were in our right minds! (don't try this at home kids) And I certainly wouldn't encourage these kinds of things...especially in excess. It only leads to no ideas...and nothing good. I've seen a lot of good musicians go down the tubes from overindulgence. It's a shame. All things in moderation!

JRS: Britney Spears and a fire breathing dragon get in a fight. Who would win, and why?

     Reindel: Who is Britney Spears? She sounds painful!!! Is that a rectal disease?

     I don't care how many spears Britney has, that fire breathing dragon is gonna fry her to a crisp! Besides, fire breathing dragons have been around for hundreds of years. I give Britney another year and she'll be ancient history. Anyone remember The New Kids on the Block? Look for them on VH1's Where are they now? You'll find Britney there soon enough.

JRS: Know any good musician jokes?

     Reindel: Question: How many guitar players does it take to play a killer lead?

     Answer: Ten. One to play the lead, and the other nine to stand around and say "not bad...but I could've done it better."

JRS: What's coming next from Reindel?

     Reindel:We've got another prog CD coming shortly as well as an instrumental guitar CD on it's way. We also just released The Progressive Files: TDT-2 that features the best prog tunes from The Dominant Theme as well as two new tracks..."The Curse" and "Bytor's Revenge". These 2 new tracks will also be on the new prog CD which at this time is untitled. But if all goes well we expect to release it by mid July. The music is a heavy throwback to some of the earlier Rush albums. More-so than TDT was. Heavy prog.

    TDT-2 For six bucks ya can't go wrong!!! Go buy one!!! Sorry...I can't help it. Thanks for having us Jeff. It's been our pleasure...and an honor!

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