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Vince Vrbancic September 25, 2000.

     Welcome to the JRS Artist Interview Series. Today I'm interviewing progressive rock artist Vince Vrbancic.

     Vince is a master composer. His intricate compositions explore many textures, moods, and feels. His playing varies as the song dictates, conveying excitement at points, and moody, reflective thinking at others. His guitar playing is top-notch and very sensitive to the composition. Vince's songs are exciting journey's--I highly recommend you check them out.

     Be sure to visit Vince's MP3.COM webpage to hear more.

JRS: How did you get into progressive music?

     Vince: Well, it got into me actually. I was first exposed to progressive rock when I heard Yes's Roundabout on the radio one morning on the way to school in 1972. I was blown away at how drastically different that song sounded from all the other stuff I was hearing at that time. So much musical territory was covered on that song. And even though it was a radio friendly song, it still had a very visual, magical sound all its own.

JRS: Who inspires you? Who has had the largest long-term impact on your art?

     Vince: All musicians inspire me in some way or another. All of the progressive & fusion bands from the early 70's & on up have been a major inspiration to me, as well as artist's that Ive met here on mp3.com including you, Jim Reindel, Goocher, Loren 'Lo' Woods, just to name a few.

JRS: What inspires you? (music, visual arts, life, beer, etc.)

     Vince: My family, nature, humor, mountain biking, silence.

JRS: Britney Spears and a fire breathing dragon get in a fight. Who would win, and why?

     Vince: Is this a trick question? As the dragon toasts Britney, her implants explode, killing both of them.

JRS: Know any good musician jokes?

     Vince: Yeah, Blink 182.

JRS: What's coming next from Vince?

     I'm currently writing the music for my next cd. I'm also entertaining the thought of featuring a couple of guest vocalist's in the not too distant future.

    Nice talking to you Jeff, thanks man!

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Artist Interview: Vince Vrbancic