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Axis cover      I left Hybrid to join Wayde's new band, Axis. They were playing hard rock with a slight progressive tinge to it. Kind of a Racer X meets Queensryche. As I was joining the band, they were busy finishing their first album. I contributed backing vocals and keyboards to the album.

JRS with Axis      We played numerous shows in this band. We were at the time in your life when you feel invincible, as if anything is possible. We were sure that ultra-mega rock stardom was only weeks away. We continued to write new, more progressive songs, and hone our live show.

      I guess all things must end. The end of Axis came just as we had finished recording rough tracks for a new album. If I had to list regrets in life, one would be that we never finished the 2nd album. It sits in my studio, gathering dust. I've talked to Dave Beardsley (drummer for Axis) about going back and finishing one of the songs. Who knows, maybe one day we'll finish what we started so long ago.

      Wayde Cooper, band leader of Axis, has released a full length CD of songs from several live shows we played in Seattle nearly a decade ago. I hadn't heard the live tapes for several years, and got a kick out of listening to them again. It brought back memories of the early nineties, before grunge had totally taken over the Seattle music scene. I hope you'll go check them out!

      Find out more about Axis and Wayde Cooper by visiting www.waydecooper.com.

      NEW! Here are some live videos!

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