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       As a musician, and database developer, I'm available to help you in a variety of ways. This page details the services I offer through my business, JRS Consulting. If you need more information, or would like to discuss the details of your project, please email at: jeffrey@jrsmoots.com. I look forward to working with you!


      Here is a brief list of services I provide. I work out of my computer-based project studio (Sci-Fi Studio).

      Are you a fledgling songwriter in need of good backing tracks? Do you need rhythm or lead guitar to finish your song? Do you need help with MIDI sequencing? Perhaps you're in need of some one-on-one guitar instruction?

I do these things every day. I can help.

      For samples of my writing, recording, and performing, check out my albums, Wings of Gold, Solar Voices, Spank Your Inner Child and Loss for Words. You can also visit Sonic Implants, which is selling a sound collection I created, called the "Rock Webpack".


Database Design/Programming

      In addition to being a musician, I'm an accomplished database designer. I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems from the University of Washington, and over a decade of real-world experience. I currently specialize in Microsoft Access.

      I've designed custom database solutions for companies including: Friends of Everett Parks Foundation, Richard J. Pisani MD, Nexstep Medical Resources and Sleep Medicine Northwest.

      I'm happy to consult with you on your small to medium-size database project. I can create a customized Microsoft Access database solution (complete with user-friendly interface) that will meet your needs, without breaking the bank. My "keep it simple" philosophy keeps development time and cost down by focusing on the core needs of the user. I create a lean, mean product that does what you need it to do, without frivolous and unnecessary functions. Your database should make your job easier, and help you be more productive. Otherwise, you may as well stick with pen and paper! I've been there, I know. Let's talk about creating a solution that works for you.

      Email me at jeffrey@jrsmoots.com


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Dean Markley Strings

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Advanced Design of Kentucky

Email: jeffrey@jrsmoots.com

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