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Despair to Peace

      Despair to Peace is now available from Fossil Records. Visit their website to order your copy.

      Despair to Peace is an album of instrumental classical music. I wrote these songs as I dealt with the unexpected loss of my Grandfather.

      The album follows mirrors my emotional journey from despair and grief to peace and acceptance. The songs are like short sketches, each conveys a mood. I think anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one will identify with the feelings expressed on Despair to Peace.

JRS       Although I experienced a great deal of sadness while coming to terms with my Grandfather's death, I also learned a lot about myself. Previous to this loss, I'd never gone through the grieving process. I dealt with loss by using denial. I just turned off the emotions. And for many years, it seemed to work.

      The passing of my Grandfather broke the emotional dam I had built. His death triggered memories of all those I'd lost before. Two decades of pent-up emotions flooded over me. I had no choice—I had to deal with it.

      So, I went through the entire grieving process for the first time in my life. It was incredibly hard for me. I survived it, and I think I'm stronger for it. Despair to Peace documents my journey.

Despair to Peace is dedicated to all those I've loved and lost. Likewise, the album is also dedicated to all of you who have loved and lost.

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