deanevospecial7bigI get a lot of email from listeners asking how I get my guitar sound, what gear I use, where and how I record, etc. So here’s a fairly complete list of the audio equipment I’m currently using at my project studio. If you have any specific guitar or recording questions, please feel free to email me.


I’m a Dean Musical Instruments Artist so my axe collection draws from their vast array of guitars. Visit my Dean Guitar Arsenal page.


I’m also a Dean Markley Strings endorsing artist. I can attest to the great sound and long life of Dean Markley Blue Steel String users, so I’m quite pleased to have the opportunity to work with Dean Markley.

Pre-amps / Amps / Effects Processors / Stomp boxes / Mixer / Microphones

I’m also an official “Friend of Morley“. I used the Steve Vai Bad Horsie Wah and the SteveLittle Alligator Volume extensively on my album, Loss for Words. The pedals are both extremely quiet (great for recording), and extremely tough (great for playing live). I also use:

Synthesizers / Drum Modules / Sample Libraries

I endorse SONiVOX (formerly Sonic Implants). These high quality samples are the finest available, and I’m honored to be associated with them. I also use sample libraries and virtual instruments from:

Computer Software / Hardware

Cakewalk’s Sonar is central to my recording studio. MIDI and digital audio are recorded, edited,and processed in Sonar’s integrated environment. I highly recommend this software. I’ve been using it since its first Windows version, and I’ve been very pleased with its performance. For digitizing and playing back audio, I use the RME Electronics Multiface II.All this computing takes place on my ADK Pro Audio Digital Audio workstations.





Sonivox MI