JRS Wings of Gold

Inner Resonance Solar Voices

JRS Spank Your Inner Child

JRS Despair to Peace

JRS Loss for Words

JRS Spank Your Inner Monkey

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Johnson J-Station

      Welcome to my J-Station Preset page. Each preset is contained in a system exclusive (sysex) file. Click on the link of your choice to download the preset. You'll need the Johnson J-Edit software application to use these presets. Visit http://www.johnson-amp.com for more information.

      I'll be uploading more presets soon, including electric/acoustic guitar, electric bass, and additional 'recording presets' used on my album Loss for Words.

Performance Presets
These presets are designed for live performances. Most all have chorus, delay and reverb effects.

Recording Presets

The recording presets are dry--no effects. Unlike the performance presets, which are designed to sound great on their own, the recording presets are designed to 'sit' well in the mix. They're eq'd a bit 'thinner' than the performance presets. This helps avoid a muddy, indistinctsound.

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