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Q: What kind of guitars do you play?

A: I play and endorse Dean Musical Instruments.

Q: What strings do you use?

A: I endorse Dean Markley. I use Dean Markley Blue Steel LT .010 to .046.

Q: What picks do you use?

A: Dunlop Jazz III for guitar, and my own heavy JRS picks for bass.

Q: What amplification do you use?

A: I use Peavey gear, specifically the Peavey Triple XXX.

For recording I use the Amp Farm and Pod HD 500 from Line 6.

Q: What effects and stompboxes do you use?

A: I endorse and use Morley volume and wah pedals, specifically the Little Aligator volume and Bad Horsie Wah.

For recording high gain guitar, I rely heavily on an ISP Technologies Decimator noise reduction pedal.

I also use Digitech's Bad Monkey overdrive pedal.

Q: What synths and sound libraries do you use?

A: I endorse and use Sonivox MI sounds.

I also use sound libraries from Chris Hein (Best Service), EastWest Qauntum Leap, and Native Instruments.

I use Toontrack and Steven Slate sampled kits for my drum sounds.

Q: What hardware and software do you use for recording?

A: I use Cakewalk Sonar. The sound card on my main Digital Audio Workstation is an RME Multiface (IMO the best sound card available).

For my laptop DAW, I use an Echo Audio Indigo IO cardbus.

I monitor on Mackie H824s in my studio. The rest of the time I use Sony MDR 7506 and Sony MDR V-600s.

My computers are custom built by ADK Pro Audio.

Q: I've never heard of you. Are you famous or something?

A: Well, if you haven't heard of me, I guess I'm not famous enough! Give me a couple more years :)

Q: Have you ever been interviewed / reviewed / written about?

A: I've received press exposure in Guitar FPM magazine and Guitar One Magazine. I've received reviews from a multitude of websites (check out my album pages for details and excerpts).

Q: Are you a full-time musician?

A: Unfortunately, no.

Q: What band are you in?

A: I am a part of the the new melodic hard rock band Continuous Audio Transmission. I also write, perform, record and release my own solo material.

Q: How long have you been playing guitar?

A: I started noodling around in about 1984. By 1988 I was shutting out the outside world, practicing every available minute of the day and night.

Q: Where can I listen to and buy your albums?

A: Lots of places! You can download my music from ITunes, Amazon.com and CD Baby. If you're old school and want an actual CD, you can get all my releases from CD Baby.

Q: Will you answer questions about music, guitar, etc.?

A: Certainly. I do my best to answer all the mail I receive. If you're starting out on guitar, check out my free online guitar lessons here.

Q: How many guitars do you own?

A: Many. And they are protected by dogs, a home security system, and my itchy, twitchy trigger finger on a Mossberg 500 12 gauge shotgun. Click here to see pictures of some of my gear :)

Q: You say you're a multi-instrumentalist. What instruments do you play?

A: I play guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. That order also describes my technical ability. I also sing lead (when I must) and background vocals.

Q: Will you play on my song / album?

A: Anything's possible. I'm a shameless self-marketing whore, so I'm always willing to listen. Email me and we'll chat.

Q: Can you help me with MIDI drum programming?

A: Yes, though I charge for that :) For some free help, click here to read an article I wrote about drum sequencing.

Q: Who are you musical influences?

A: Mainly Rush, Dream Theater, King's X and Queensryche. If its progressive, melodic rock or melodic metal, I probably like it. I also LOVE shred guitar: Racer X being the finest example. For a long list of my influences, click here.


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