JRS Wings of Gold

Inner Resonance Solar Voices

JRS Spank Your Inner Child

JRS Despair to Peace

JRS Loss for Words

JRS Spank Your Inner Monkey

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      Welcome to the JRS MIDI Music page. Choose a song from the drop down box, and it will begin playing (works best with Internet Explorer). You can also click on the links below to download the songs. If you would like to use these songs for something other than listening, please contact me. Enjoy!

JRS Original MIDI Files:

      Also, check out an article I wrote about drum sequencing. In it you will find many of the tips and tricks I use to create realistic midi drum sequences. If you're interested in having me sequence your drum parts, please visit my Consulting page for more information, then email me to discuss your project. I look forward to hearing from you!

      Visit my Gear page for information about equipment I use to compose and record MIDI songs.

      I use the finest sounds available—Sonic Implant samples. Check them out!

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email: jeffrey@jrsmoots.com

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