12-20-1999: Wings of Gold reviewed by Brazilian magazine.

Edgar Franco at the Brazilian magazine Krepuskulum Underzine has reviewed Wings of Gold. You can read the review on the Wings of Gold page. My thanks to Edgar and all at Krepuskulum for their support of independent music.

11-19-1999: Jeffrey Ryan Smoots creates Rock WebPack for Sonic Implants Network.

Sonic Implants Network, makers of Sonic Implants Soundfonts, have released a collection of audio clips for use on websites and multimedia projects. I was asked to do the “Rock” WebPack for the series. The WebPacks are a collection of loops, button sounds, and intro sounds that you can use to turn your website into an exciting multimedia experience for your visitors. This is is my first project for Sonic Implants Network. You can check it out at PCSounds.com. Sonic Implants Network has also released several other WebPacks in different styles, like Funk, DJ, Electronica, etc.

11-05-1999: Jeffrey Ryan Smoots receives endorsement from Sonic Implants Network, makers of Sonic Implant Soundfonts.

I’m very pleased to announce my first product endorsement, from Sonic Implants Network, makers of Sonic Implants Soundfonts. As an avid MIDI composer, I’m constantly searching for high quality samples for my Creative Labs Soundblaster Live sound card. Sonic Implants are professional, audiophile-quality sounds for Soundfont-compatible sound cards. These sounds are simply the
finest available. I’m pleased to be associated with Sonic Implants Network, and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.

11-04-1999: Sonic Implants Network profiles Jeffrey Ryan Smoots in November Sonic Implants Newsletter.

The folks at Sonic Implants Network profiled me in their November 1999 Sonic Implants newsletter. My thanks go to them for the very kind things they had to say about my music!

Note: This news page was started November, 1999.

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