12-11-2000: Two songs from SYIC released as MIDI files

I’ve made two songs from my album Spank Your Inner Child available in MIDI file format. Visit the my MIDI Music page or the SYIC page to download the songs. The first two available are “Regression”, and “Solitude”. More will follow. Enjoy!

12-10-2000: JRS Receives Product Endorsement
from Dean Guitars

I’m proud to announce my new association with Dean Guitars! I’ll be playing instruments from their expansive product line–a breathtaking array of acoustic, electric, nylon string, and resonator guitars, as well as an extensive line of 4, 5, and 6 string basses. My main guitar will be the Dean EVO Special 7, a great-playing, beautiful looking seven string electric guitar. Check out my Gear page to see this gorgeous guitar up close. You’ll be hearing Dean guitars exclusively on my upcoming albums. So, head on over to www.deanguitars.com and take a look, you’ll be glad you did!

Dean Guitars

09-08-2000: JRS Artist Interview Series begins

In an effort to help promote independent music, I’m proud to announce my new Artist Interview Series. What began as interviews for my mp3.com stations: Temple of Shred, and 21st Century Prog has now evolved into an ongoing series of interviews with independent artists. I’m fortunate to be acquainted with quite a few talented independent artists, and hope wrangle an interview out of each of them eventually, so visit the Artist Interview Series page often to see the latest!

08-31-2000: JRS and Inner Resonance to be featured artists on “Midday Madness” at radio station 97.5 CKDU.

JRS and Inner Resonance have been chosen as the featured new artists on Midday Madness, a progressive rock show airing on radio station 97.5 CKDU, transmitting from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Special thanks go to Jeff Tucker, aka “Dr. Rock” for his outstanding support of progressive music, and his willingness to give independent bands like JRS and Inner Resonance a chance to have our music exposed to a such a large audience. Listeners can tune into Midday Madness every Thursday afternoon from 2pm-5pm (Nova Scotia time).

08-29-2000: JRS appears on newly released live album, Axis – Live in Seattle.

Wayde Cooper, band leader of Axis, has released a full length CD of songs from several live shows the band played in Seattle nearly a decade ago.

I hadn’t heard the live tapes for several years, and got a kick out of listening to them again. It brought back memories of the early nineties, before grunge had totally taken over the Seattle music scene. I hope you’ll go check them out!

Axis – Live in Seattle is available for preview and purchase on Wayde Cooper’s mp3.com webpage. You can also find out more about Axis and Wayde Cooper by visiting www.waydecooper.com.

08-19-2000: JRS contributes track to POD9 compilation

I’ve contributed my song Double Star to POD9 Records’ “Laid Tracks Volume Two”, a CD of guitar-oriented songs by musicians who appear on the MP3.COM website. Other artists contributing songs include: Ovall, Tim Simmons, Craig Jackson, Rod Laschansky, James Hart, Reindel, Loren “Lo” Woods, and Rick Renstrom. I’m proud to be included with such a group of talented musicians. POD9 records has two other releases in the Laid Tracks series–I highly recommend them to you as a great introduction to the independent, underground music scene.

07-24-2000: JRS instrumental hits NUMBER ONE on MP3.COM Rock Instrumental charts–Again!

The instrumental, ‘Intro’, from my album Wings of Gold, has hit number one on the Instrumental Rock charts again! It previously hit number one back in March of this year. If you haven’t already visited my MP3.COM page, here’s the address: www.mp3.com/jrsmoots. Thanks again to everyone that checked out the song 🙂 Now if I could get ‘Intro’ licensed in some big blockbuster movie….

05-23-2000: JRS song chosen as a “Personal Pick” on MP3.COM Communicator newsletter

MP3.COM has chosen the song “Living”, from my Wings of Gold album, as a “Personal Pick” for the MP3.COM Communicator newsletter. This email newsletter goes out to everyone who has downloaded songs from MP3.COM, and all the artists who have songs loaded on MP3.COM. This came as a complete surprise to me. I really appreciate the exposure, though! I’ve already received email from several people who checked out my music as a result of the newsletter. So, to whomever chose me to be in the newsletter: Thank You!

05-22-2000: Sounduser.com publishes JRS drum sequencing article

Sounduser.com has added my popular drum sequencing article to their website. Sounduser’s purpose is to provide readers with independent reviews of sample CD’s, provide links to music related sites, and provide Faqs, News and Software resources on many aspects of sampling and making music (especially with computers), focusing on sampling and sample CD’s.

As a hardcore computer user, I’m happy to see sites like this springing up on the web. They provide valuable information to the computer-based music maker. I’m honored to be included on their site.

05-03-2000: Fossil Records to distribute JRS

I’m happy to announce my new association with Fossil Records. This new label specializes in progressive and instrumental rock and metal. They will be distributing my CD Wings of Gold, as well as CD’s from Inner Resonance, Reindel, The Franklin-Neumann Project, Dennis Taaffe, and Third Voice. If you’re a fan of progressive music, I highly recommend you check out the artists on Fossil Records.

Fossil Records

04-23-2000: ‘Double Star reaches number three on MP3.COM Instrumental Charts

I admit it, I’m a chart watcher now. ‘Double Star’, an instrumental song available on my album Wings of Gold – Special Edition, has hit number three on the Instrumental Rock charts on MP3.COM. I watch in amusement and amazement as my songs duke it out with other artists for position on the charts. My songs reach the top ten, then crash and burn down 30 or more places. It seems to happen cycles. I really must figure this out…

Anway, if you haven’t already visited my MP3.COM page, here’s the address: www.mp3.com/jrsmoots

Artwork by Andrew Thomas03-06-2000:
“Ages Ago” by JRS to be used in multimedia exhibit

Mulitmedia artist Andrew Thomas has chosen a song I wrote entitled “Ages Ago” for a multimedia exhibition he’s preparing for his final year project at the University of Hertfordshire, England. Andrew is earning his degree in ‘Software Systems for the Arts and Media’. Andrew is a very talented artist, and I am honored to be considered for his project. In fact, I’ve begun negotiations with Andrew to have him create the cover for my upcoming progressive rock instrumental album, “Loss for Words”.

03-01-2000: JRS instrumental hits NUMBER ONE on MP3.COM Rock Instrumental charts

To my continuing amazement, ‘Intro’, from my album Wings of Gold, has hit number one on the Instrumental Rock charts!! The song is doing so well, it has crossed over to the MP3.COM Pop & Rock charts, and is listed at number nine. This is my first “number one” anything! I’ve run out of words to describe how cool this is. My profuse thanks go to all those who have checked out the music. If you haven’t already visited my MP3.COM page, here’s the address: www.mp3.com/jrsmoots

02-27-2000: JRS scores number two instrumental on MP3.COM

On February 27th, ‘Intro’ skyrocketed to number two on the Instrumental Rock charts on MP3.COM, surpassing ‘Double Star’ which held at number five for three days (and remains in the top ten). In addition, ‘Living’ and ‘Pound’, both from the Wings of Gold album, have cracked the top 40 on the Progressive Rock charts on MP3.COM. What can I say? I’m kind of in shock! Thanks a million to all those who checked out the music 🙂

02-22-2000: ‘Double Star’ continues to rise on MP3.COM instrumental charts.

On February 21st, ‘Double Star’ reached number six on the MP3.COM Instrumental Rock charts, up two from the previous day. Perhaps I’ll have my first number one song soon! I’m hoping 🙂 For those of you who haven’t heard the song yet, click here to go to my page MP3.COM.

02-21-2000: ‘Double Star’ cracks top ten on MP3.COM instrumental charts.

On February 20th, ‘Double Star’ reached number eight on the MP3.COM Instrumental Rock charts. I want to thank all my listeners for their outstanding support. I had no idea ‘Double Star’ would climb the charts so quickly! For those of you who haven’t heard the song yet, click here to go to my page MP3.COM.

02-11-2000: New mp3 version of Wings of Gold available, with bonus track.

I’ve released a new mp3 edition of my Wings of Gold solo album. This version features all twelve songs from the original release, as well as a bonus track, ‘Double Star’. The CD, entitled Wings of Gold – Special Edition, is available exclusively at MP3.COM.

02-07-2000: ‘Double Star’, first song from upcoming instrumental album, Loss for Words, now available.

I’ve released the first song from my upcoming instrumental progressive rock album, Loss for Words. The song is called ‘Double Star’. I’m proud of this song–I think it has some of my best guitar playing to date. This song also features the Sonic Implants Session Drums, from Sonic Implants Network. You can listen to and download the song from MP3.COM. Special thanks go to Jennifer and Dave at Sonic Implants Network for the killer drum sounds!

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