12-13-2001: Exclusive Sneak Preview
song from upcoming album, Loss for Words

I’ve just
completed a rough mix of the song “Mr. Negativity”, from my upcoming
album, Loss for Words. This mix is basically the backing tracks for
the song–no solo’s yet. Stay tuned to this website for more sneak previews
as I complete work on Loss for Words!

You can
also hear the new song (plus songs from all my albums) on JRS Radio.

  • JRS Radio – Lo Fi: Play
    (28.8k modems or faster)
  • JRS Radio – Hi Fi: Play
    (high-speed connections)

11-26-2001: JRS and Advanced Design
of Kentucky

I’m pleased
to announce a new endorser, Advanced
Design of Kentucky
. ADK specialize in custom-built high performance
PC’s. I’m currently using an ADK Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
to record my new album, Loss for Words. My system has run flawlessy,
right out of the box! Having a reliable, rock-solid DAW has changed recording
from a frustrating chore to an exciting, fun experience. I’m actually enjoying
the recording process again! [Click here to see
my DAW configuration].

build top-notch computers, provide outstanding service and support, and
offer great prices. If you’re considering upgrading or replacing your PC,
I highly recommend ADK. And, tell them I sent you!

Advanced Design of Kentucky

08-15-2001: Fossil Records releases
JRS – Despair to Peace

JRS - Despair to Peace
My first instrumental classical album, Despair
to Peace
, is now available from Fossil
. This album was written as a way for me to deal with the
unexpected loss of a loved one. For more about Despair to Peace,
(including streaming mp3’s) visit the D2P page.

08-01-2001: Official Release of JRS
Spank Your Inner Child

Today marks
the official Fossil
release of my progressive/electronic instrumental album,
Spank Your Inner Child. SYIC is available now from the Fossil
Records Website
, and CDBaby.

06-13-2001: Fossil Records to release
JRS – Spank Your Inner Child

Spank Your Inner Child
is releasing my progressive electronica album, Spank
Your Inner Child
. For more information about SYIC (including streaming
mp3’s and downloadable midi files) visit the SYIC
. And, be sure to check out all the great progressive and instrumental
music available on Fossil Records, from artists like Reindel, Goocher, The
Franklin/Neumann Project, Rod Lazchanzky, Denis Taafe, Ecstasy in Numbers,
and many more.

05-01-2001: JRS Receives Endorsement
from Dean Markley Strings

Dean Markley Blue Steel Strings

very happy to announce I’m now a Dean
Markley Strings
endorsing artist. I’m a long-time Dean Markley
Blue Steel String user, so I’m quite pleased to have the opportunity
to work with Dean Markley. Be sure to visit their website, which has
all the information you’ll ever need about strings. And, if you haven’t
already tried them, go out now and get a set of Dean Markley Blue
Steel strings. You haven’t experienced the best until you’ve played
Dean Markley.

03-08-2001: JRS’ MIDI Files Featured
at ESH’s MIDI Barn

should go visit ESH’s
, a repository for MIDI files in many styles. My thanks
to ESH for including me on the website!

02-04-2001: JRS Contributes Lesson to Insane Guitar website

Those of you who have enjoyed my guitar lessons should visit the Insane Guitar website, which features a brand new lesson I wrote, entitled Using Modes in Solos. Insane Guitar also features lessons by several other guitarists, including Insane Guitar founder Joel Wanasek. This website is an excellent resource for information about playing shred guitar. I highly recommend you give it a visit!

01-23-2001: JRS Interviewed on Music Extreme

I’ve just completed an interview with Music Extreme, a new webzine devoted to extreme music from around the world. My thanks to Federico, founder of Music Extreme for interviewing me and providing this excellent exposure, especially since Music Extreme’s home country is Argentina! Maybe someday I’ll get to visit. Who knows?

01-22-2001: Dean Guitar website updated to include JRS

Dean Guitars, my guitar endorser, has updated their website with a page about me. Here’s the direct link to the page: Dean Endorsee – Jeffrey Ryan Smoots.

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