11-27-04: JRS and Inner Resonance available from TowerRecords

You can now purchase JRS andInner Resonance music from Tower Records online. Go to www.towerrecords.comor use these direct links: JRSWings of Gold, InnerResonance – Solar Voices, JRS- Spank Your Inner Child, JRS- Loss for Words.

08-21-2004: JRS – Loss for Words reviewed in ProgressionMagazine

ProgressionMagazine Issue 46 is hot off the presses and available now. Inside you’llfind Michael Popke’s review of Loss for Words. Visit www.progressionmagazine.comtoday to get your copy and help support progressive music. You can alsoread the complete Loss for Words review here.Many thanks to Mr. Popke for the review!

05-16-2004: Jeff & Wayde – Return of the Shred

WaydeCooper and I have teamed up to bring shred guitar back to Seattle. We’recurrently rehearsing a set with highlights from both our albums, along withshredilicious cover tunes, like ‘Scarified’ from Racer X. Be sure to visitWayde Cooper’s website. He’s amonster!

02-21-2004: Prog4You reviews Loss for Words

Prog4youProg4you has posted a review of Lossfor Words. Thanks to George Roldan (prog4you webmaster), Luis Nasser(reviewer). Prog4You features news, eviews and interviews from artists inthe progressive music community. Click hereto read the Loss for Words review.

01-28-04: Loss for Words review at Electric Basement

Electric BasementAnother review of Loss for Words justcame in, from ElectricBasement, a website devoted to guitar-driven hard rock and metal. Besure to stop by to read the Lossfor Wordsreview, and check out their many exclusive interviews with rock androllers like: Tantric, Michael Schenker, Kevin Dubrow, and Geoff Tate. Muchthanks to A. Lee Graham for the review and to website editor Brian Coles.Go check it out!

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