04-25-05: The Hybrid Has Landed

Back in 1991, Roy Gray, Anthony
Beck and I recorded a 5 song EP. The music was fast, angry, and strange.
We called ourselves Hybrid, because
we brought such varied sounds to the music. We played the Seattle club circuit
with these songs, entertaining some and annoying others.

The Hybrid EP also won me a
writeup in Guitar For the Practicing Musician.

I’ve had the 24-track 2″
reel sitting around, and have always wanted to remix it. This year, I decided
it was time. So, here are 30-second excerpts from the songs. If you enjoy
them, please let me know (jeffrey@jrsmoots.com).
If Roy and Anthony are agreeable, maybe we’ll re-release it!

Hybrid EP

  1. Squirrel Birm: mp3
    – Excerpt
  2. Stand On It: mp3
    – Excerpt
  3. What’s Next: mp3
    – Excerpt
  4. Funk Biscuit: mp3
    – Excerpt
  5. R.I.P.: mp3
    – Excerpt

09-05-05: New JRS song on Dean Owners of America album

honored to be part of the first Dean Owners of America CD, Audible
Portrait 2005
. This album features 17 songs by Dean Guitar owners–members
of the Dean Owners of America (DOA). I wrote and recorded a new song for
this album. The song’s called ‘Tie One On’. I used by Dean
for the rhythm and leads. For more information, please visit
the Dean Guitars Website.

08-13-05: JRS guest solo on Scott Hughes’ new album

Scott Hughes, The In-between Phase I
recently contributed a guest solo on Scott Hughes’ new album, The
In-Between Phase
. Scott is an extraordinarily talented musician. I love
his new album, and am honored to be on it. You’ll also find a guest solo
from guitar wizard Derryl
. Derryl and I can be found on the track “Fi-lo”. In
addition to Scott’s excellent original compositions, be sure to check out
his smokin’ version of Edgar Winter’s “Frankenstein”, and his
humorous and quirky interpretation of Thelonious Monk’s “Blue Monk”.
In-Between Phase
is a must-listen album. Go have a listen!

Star War Fan?

If you’re into Star Wars, check
this little lightsaber
test clip. Jeremy Colyer and a friend are doing the fighting. I
did the sound 馃檪 Visit XTreme
Design Fx
to see some of Jeremy’s costume and mask design work.

05-26-05: JRS’ Dean Guitar Arsenal Page Updated

Click here
to see my recent Dean guitar acquisitions, including my Michael Schenker
Limited Edition V, Dean Palomino, and Dean USA Hardtail.

03-28-05: JRS albums available for download

You can now download tracks
from Wings of Gold and Loss for Words, from a variety of download
services, including: Rhapsody,
Napster, BuyMusic,
MP3Tunes, MusicMatch,
and Apple Itunes.
Download one song, or the whole album. It’s up to you!

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