12-07-06: Loss for Words Available for Digital Download

Loss for Words JRS
– Loss for Words
is now available as a digital download! Below
is a direct link to ITunes. I’ll add direct links to additional download
services (Rhapsody,
EMusic, MSN
, MusicNet,

iTunes US

12-07-06: Wings of Gold Available for Digital Download

Wings of Gold My
album JRS – Wings of Gold
is now available as a digital download! Below are direct links to ITunes,
Rhapsody, EMusic, and MSN Music.

iTunes US
Music MSN Music

10-01-06: Dean Rhapsody 12-string Bass

That’s right,
a 12-string bass! My Dean Guitar Arsenal
has grown to include this beast. Each standard bass string has 2 additional
strings, tuned one octave up. This bass sounds absolutely huge. I bought
it because I admire Doug Pinnick’s 12-string bass playing. Check back soon
for more pictures and info.

08-14-06: Dean USA Custom MSV

beautiful guitar is a custom USA Michael Schenker V. Dean had a dozen or
so of these that became available for customization. I was able to choose
the color and the hardware. This is my first custom ordered guitar, and
I’m pleased to say it is exactly what I asked for. When it arrived at my
house, I tore into the package like a little kid at Christmas!

the guitar plays just like the USA Michael Schenker V Limited Edition. Soundwise,
I think it’s a tiny bit brighter. Also, I think this particular guitar is
little bit lighter in weight than the Schenker V Limited Edition.

I’m especially
pleased with the look of the satin nickel hardware. Dean has been putting
satin nickel hardware on its Dean Professional series, but this may be one
of the first MSV’s in satin. I think it looks great 馃檪

05-29-06: JRS on My Space

I finally got around to creating
a profile on My Space and uploading music. Click here
to visit the page. You’ll find four full-length songs (two from Inner Resonance
– Solar Voices, and two from JRS – Loss for Words). I’m also attempting
a blog, which should get more interesting when I start the final recording
of my upcoming album, JRS – New old Stock.

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