08-01-07: JRS Music available from PayPlay.fm

You can now download JRS singles and albums from PayPlay.fm.

JRS – Loss for Words


JRS – Spank Your Inner


04-17-07: Gear list updated

My gear page is slightly updated. It’s been about 2 years since I revised it, and you all know how fast technology moves! Click here to check it out.

04-03-07: New Old Stock Recording Blog on My Space

I’ve been keeping a log of sorts about the recording of my upcoming album, New Old Stock. You canread at My Space; click here to go directly to the blog. I’ll try to keep the blog updated frequently.
If you are a DIY (do it yourself) recording musician, you may find the blog interesting. I’ll try to be as specific as possible about the gear I use to record, how I record the instruments, how I mix them. I welcome your comments and questions too. Post away. Eventually I’ll move the blog over
to this site, and include photos and screenshots from the recording process.

02-13-07: Dean Owners of America Audible Portrait 2006

I contributed a song to the Dean Owners of America Audible Portrait 2006 which was released January 2007. My contribution is an instrumental, called
“Clearwater Road Trip”. Click here
to for ordering information. I also want to mention that one of my favorite
vocalists, Mike Vescera is on the DOA CD! Obsession,
fronted by the vocal god that is Mr. Vescera, has contributed a song from
their new CD. You MUST check it out!! Actually, the DOA CD is excellent
from start to finish. Quite a diverse group of artists are represnted on
the CD, from blues to shred to metal. Good stuff! Now, go check out.

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