10-17-09: Northwest Shredfest 2009 released

The 2009 Northwest Shredfest CD has been released! I contributed “Wanderlust”, from the Inner Resonance – Solar Voices album. Artists on this album include: Kendall Bechtel, Gylles Smyth,Brian Hunsaker, Sultan of Shred, Allen Van Wert, George Varghese and Ed to Shred. Some scary, scary shredding on this disc! Contact me if you’d like to buy a copy.

09-29-09: New Album, Spank Your Inner Monkey, new release date:December 1st, 2009

I missed my October release date. Now I’m thinking December 1st. Here’s hoping!

08-11-09: New Album, Spank Your Inner Monkey, new release date:October 1st, 2009

I missed my August release date! New, more realistic release date is October 1st, 2009.

06-04-09: JRS – Loss for Words available from Amazon.com as digital download

You can download my instrumental rock album, Loss for Words, from Amazon.com! Click hereto go straight to the page. I should also mention you can preview all the songs on the album. Enjoy!

05-08-09: New Album, Spank Your Inner Monkey, to be released August3rd, 2009

Mynew electronica album, entitled “Spank Your Inner Monkey” is almostdone! Here’s the deal: while working on New Old Stock (my vocal oriented rockalbum) I’ve also been working on my next electronica album. For many reasons,most having to do with procrastination, the electronica album is closer tocompletion than the vocal album.So, I’ve decided to release the electronica album first. Here’s the song list. I’m not sure all will make it on the album; it’s always a good plan to have more songs than needed though!

  1. La Belle Femme Skunk Fatale
  2. Enemy of My Enemy is My Meatloaf
  3. Heartbreak at the Electric Taco
  4. A Zoroastrian Named Wilma
  5. Float the Boat
  6. Hobson’s Choice
  7. Requiem for an Interdimensional Space Commander
  8. Foaming Pipe Snake
  9. The Higher, the Fewer
  10. Yes, You Do Have to Tell Me Twice
  11. Creatures of the Overworld
  12. Dos Deuces, the Prawn-cracker Wins
  13. Pork Chop Sideburns
  14. I Think I’m So Freaking Clever
  15. Rishathra

02-24-09: Dean Owners of America Volume III released

TheDean Owners ofAmerica annual CD compilation for 2010 has been released. I contributed “Mr. Negativity”, from the JRS – Loss for Words album. Also on the album: The LBS, Born of Silence, Risen from Chaos, Mugshot, Scorned Embrace, Final Analysis, Ranger, Old Fat Kids, Matt Graunke, Pain Management, My Addiction, and Mantequilla. Proceeds from this album will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, in memory of Robert A. Rossi, MD.

1-11-09: Hybrid live photos posted

Click here to see some screen captures from a Hybrid live show. I don’t recall exactly when or where this shows was taped. I’m guessing around 1991, and somewhere in Seattle 馃檪 I just finished capturing this video tape to hard disk, and will post some videos from this show (soon) on YouTube.

1-05-09: Wayde Cooper’s Axis Live Videos Posted

Wayde and I posted some live videos from an April 1992 show at the Farside Tavern. Click hereto go to YouTube to see the videos, or click here to view the videos and read a bit about the band. We’ve posted three videos so for, with more on the way. Below is “Future”, written by WaydeCooper with Lyrics by Nick Valenz.


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