12-31-2010: Final Mixing Completed on JRS – Spank Your Inner Monkey

Now to master the mixdowns.

12-18-2010: Only Four Left

Less talking, more mixing.

12-04-2010: Six of Thirteen Done

’nuff said.

11-14-2010: Five of Thirteen Done

I’ve completed final mixes on five of the thirteen songs. If you’re into numerology (which I’m not) here’s something weird: the five songs completed thus far have been the odd numbered tracks: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. I have no clue why these songs were ready to mix (while the even numbered songs still need a little work). Is my Inner Monkey favoring odd songs?

10-15-2010: Final Track List for upcoming album Spank Your Inner Monkey

Here’s the final track list for my upcoming electronica album, entitled Spank Your
Inner Monkey
. I’m doing final mixing and mastering now. This project has taken much longer than I anticipated, but I’m pleased with the results. I hope you’ll like it too!

Coming very soon: audio excerpts from the album.

  1. Foaming Pipe Snake
  2. Float the Boat
  3. La Belle Femme Skunk Fatale
  4. The Higher the Fewer
  5. Heartbreak at the Electric Taco
  6. The Enemy of My Enemy is My Meatloaf
  7. A Zoroastrian Named Wilma
  8. Requiem for an Interdimensional Space Commander
  9. Yes, You Do Have to Tell Me Twice
  10. Creatures of the Overworld
  11. Dos Deuces, the Prawn-Cracker Wins
  12. Hobson’s Choice
  13. Rishathra


09-18-10: JRS Music Available for Commerical Productions

One thing I’ve wanted for a very long time is to make my instrumental music available for commerical use. I’ve finally gotten my toe in the door. I’m excited to announce that I’ve signed with Sounddogs.com as a Content Partner. Now my music can be easily licensed for video productions,
commericals, etc.

I’ve uploaded 33 pieces of music so far, with more on the way.


09-16-10: Spank Your Inner Monkey Update

All thirten songs are on Spank Your Inner Monkey are DONE! I’m now doing the final mixes. As of this date, I’m working on song 10 of 13. Hope to finish mixes by end of month.

08-12-10: Spank Your Inner Monkey Recording Update

I’m pleased to report that seven of thirteen songs on Spank Your Inner Monkey are DONE! So, 6 more songs to finish. I’ve also started final mixing on the seven songs currently completed. Doing
two things at once is hard.

06-29-10: Spank Your Inner Monkey Recording Update

I’m pleased to report that five of thirteen songs on Spank Your Inner Monkey are DONE! So, 8 more songs to finish, and then it’s final mixing and mastering time. I cannot believe how long it has taken me to finish this album. Musical progress has been slow, but I will say I’m pleased with the results. I’ll update this page as I continue to complete the songs.

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