2011-11-04: JRS on iTunes & Amazon

For those of you living in an Apple-centric world, there is plenty of JRS music available from iTunes.

You can also get JRS music as physical CDs or mp3 downloads from the mighty mighty Amazon.com.

2011-09-10: JRS at the Metal Archives

I just learned I have an entry in the Encyclopaedia Metallum – the Metal Archives! Click here
to view the page.

2011-08-26: JRS Swag at Zazzle

JRS branded merchandise is now available at Zazzle.com!

2011-08-22: About Spank Your Inner Monkey

I just updated the Spank Your Inner Monkey page with short essay about the album. To check that out, click here.

2011-05-25: New JRS Logo, by Jordan Kotzebue

I’m proud to present the new JRS logo, designed by artist Jordan Kotzebue! Jordan is a very talented artist, currently working at PopCap. He’s also working on his own comic, entitled “Hominids“. Check it out!


2011-05-24: JRS Music – It’s All Available from CD Baby

(Click here to launch the CD Baby Widget in a separate browser window)

2011-04-20: JRS – Spank Your Inner Monkey now available at CD Baby

Spank Your Inner Monkey is now available at CD Baby! Click here to go straight to the page. You can purchase the CD, or help save the environment a bit and buy the digital download. Also, you can hear excerpts from every song on the album on the CD Baby page.

2011-04-15: JRS – Spank Your Inner Monkey is back from Manufacturing

Spank Your Inner Monkey is back from duplication at Disk Makers. I’m uploading the album to CD Baby this week. Official release date for the album should be end of this month (April). Details to follow.

2011-01-24: JRS – Spank Your Inner Monkey mastering complete, sent to Diskmakers

Mastering is complete and the project is off to Diskmakers for duplication. I should have CDs ready for sale by mid-February. At the last possible moment, I added a 14th song to the album, named “Autumn in the Park”.

2011-01-01: Excerpts from JRS – Spank Your Inner Monkey

Here are some mp3 excerpts from the album!

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