JRS News: 2014

2014-12-22: Star Wars Fan Art Video

I’ve wanted to do Star Wars style visual effects since I first saw Star Wars Episode IV, at age 7. Here’s my first try – hope you dig it.

2014-11-30: Cornfed from JRS – Loss for Words

Here’s a video I created for the song Cornfed from my Loss for Words album. Over 7,000 views so far!

2014-11-23: Ambergris from JRS – Loss for Words

Video for the song Ambergris from my Loss for Words album. This video took WAY to long to create; over three months of nightly render and re-rendering in Blender. Don’t think I’ll be doing that again!

2014-07-14: New song and Lyric Video from Continuous Audio Tranmsission

Continuous Audio Transmission (Nick Valenz, Wayde Cooper, Jeff Smoots), have released their fifth song, entitled “No Umbrella”. Wayde wrote the music and Nick wrote the lyrics. We also put together a lyric video for this tune. You can listen to and purchase the song from CD Baby. For your eyeball enjoyment, please check out the video, at You Tube.

2014-04-16: Video for Autumn in the Park Released

I decided to take a break from flying guitars for a bit, so here’s a video for Autumn in the Park, from my album Spank Your Inner Monkey. Hope you enjoy it!

2014-03-19: Video for Heartbreak at the Electric Taco Released

The third conceptual video from my album Spank Your Inner Monkey is done and uploaded to YouTube. It’s raining guitars!

2014-03-04: Lyric Video Released for Ship of Fools by Continuous Audio Transmission

CAT’s first video is out now!

2013-11-23: Fourth Song from Continuous Audio Transmission Released

Nick Valenz, Wayde Cooper and I have just released our fourth song, entitled “Ship Of Fools.” It’s available for digital download through CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, and many more. Click
to visit the CD Baby page and hear an audio excerpt.


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