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      Welcome to the Smoots-Cooper-Reindel Project, a collaboration of Jeffrey Ryan Smoots, Wayde Cooper, and Jim Reindel.

      Below you'll find mp3s of our first song, called Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. This song is the first of what we hope will be continually growing collection of unapologetic shred rock.

Hi-fi (128K) mp3 of: Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

Lo-fi (64K) mp3 of: Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

      For more guitar insanity, be sure to visit us at Fossil Records. There you can preview and purchase albums by the members of Smoots-Cooper-Reindel. Here are direct links to our pages at Fossil Records:

Jeffrey Ryan Smoots (JRS)

Wayde Cooper

Jim Reindel

Hybrid band photo

We hope you enjoy the Smoots-Cooper-Reindel Project!

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