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Spank Your Inner Child      Spank Your Inner Child is an album of instrumental, retro-tinged, progressive rock-based electronica. On this album, I combined several music genres I grew up listening to: New Wave electronica, early industrial/electronic music (like Skinny Puppy) and guitar-oriented progressive rock. The result is pretty strange. Listening to it, I wonder, what was I thinking?

JRS       I guess my main goal was to see what electronica would sound like filtered through someone who loves progressive music. I enjoy electronic-oriented music, but find that some of it lacks compositional and technical complexity. It seems much of today's electronic music is designed as a soundtrack to the club culture. As such, it is effective (ie. it has a beat and you can dance to it), but I would argue that it is not very interesting to actually listen to. I wanted to approach electronica same musical virtuosity that one finds among progressive musicians.

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JRS - Spank Your Inner Child

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JRS - Spank Your Inner Child