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Metal Meltdown IV cover      Tempt was the brainchild of singer/songwriter Scott Clark. He and I started recording demos in 1987. In 1988 we recruited Kurt Bozerman and Josh Cinder, pooled our money, and went to a professional recording studio (Paradise Sound) to record a two song demo.

      What I remember most about those two days (other than working 14 hours at a stretch) was paying for our hotel entirely in quarters! I had a Folgers coffee can full of quarters, so when it came time to pay, I plopped it on the counter. I must say, the hotel manager was quite nice about it. He found paper rolls for the quarters, and kindly asked me to roll them up before presenting them as payment.

      This band experience got me my first article, published for posterity in my high school Annual. Man, did I look young then. Skinny too...

      Some time later, Scott had one of the songs remixed, and got it onto a compilation album, Metal Meltdown IV. This marked my first commercial release. I don't know how the album sold--I never saw a penny. That's the business of music for ya!

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